Backed by years of experience on the Paris and London stock exchanges, Adviseo Conseil helps entrepreneurs complete their fund raising. We observed that when companies require capital to finance their growth or make acquisitions, they often act independently and are tempted to move forward unsupported.


However, Investment Funds receive 500 to 700 company submissions per year. They select only 3 or 4 projects and look at each company submission just once.


Entrepreneurs who wish to raise capital must simultaneously know the rules of the investor game and dedicate the time otherwise necessary to the daily management of their company to raising these funds.


An intermediary is thus necessary to guide the company in the various stages of capital raising and succeed in transforming the entrepreneur’s project into a financial product.


As early as possible in the project, we help companies establish a five-year business model, draft the appropriate documentation, track investors and the due diligence up to the closing. If requested by the company, we can limit our intervention to developing the five-year business model and drafting the documentation.



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