We establish contact between the shareholder-entrepreneur and institutional investors, be they Investment Funds or structured family offices.


We study a variety of financing packages to propose to the entrepreneur the package which will best optimize the value of the company and reduce its dilution:


  • Classic venture capital or development capital transactions with the investor as a minority shareholder. These transactions can be completed in one or more rounds and entail conditional instruments such as convertible bonds or callable bonds, stock purchase warrants, stocks or bonds with purchase warrants.

  • Leverage operations such as LBOs (Leveraged Buy Outs), widely financed by debt.
    This may concern:

    • LMBOs (Leveraged Management Buy-Out), acquisition of a company by its management,

    • LMBIs (Leveraged Management Buy-In), contribution of an outside management team by investors,

    • LBUs (Leveraged Build Up), construction of a group by merging or integrating several companies,

    • BIMBOs (Buy-In Management Buy-Out), association of internal and external managers,

    • OBOs (Owner Buy-Out), sale by the manager or a shareholder of part of their shares.


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